Brad Zimmerman shares stories from his life that have been learning experiences for him and what he thought he knew, but turned out to be false or less correct. His hope is to encourage growers to continue to push the envelope and experiment outside of their comfort zone as this is where true growth happens.

This presentation was featured at the Bloomington Better Beans event on January 11, 2023.

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About the Author: Brad Zimmerman

Zimmerman, of Groveland, Ill., is an agricultural consultant who has spent the last seven years “geeking out” on all-things agriculture. His passion is plant nutrient uptake efficiency. These are exciting times to be in agriculture and with the focus shifting to the importance of biology in our cropping systems, growers are continuing to grow higher yields with greater profitability. With an associate’s degree in biology and a bachelor’s degree in business management, he is active as Director for the Tazewell County Soil and Water Conservation District, a participant in the Precision Conservation Management program and soil health champion, and a Certified Crop Advisor. Brad farms in Tazewell County, with a focus on cover crops and soil health. Using cover crops for the last seven years, he has learned through successes and failures alike, and looks forward to sharing his experience as a Soy Envoy.

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