In 2019, farmers across the United States submitted more than 3,000 reviews of precision farming products on Precision Ag Reviews. The reviews were collected online and in person at farm shows across the country. Precision Ag Reviews allows farmers to rate their experience with precision farming products and is an independent resource for farmers to reference before investing in precision equipment and technology.
For 2019, the top five products with the highest overall rating, based on a five-star rating system that includes cost, ease of use, value and support included:
  1. Ag Leader, InCommand Display
  2. Climate, FieldView Drive
  3. Precision Planting, 20|20 Display
  4. Ag Leader, Integra Display
  5. Trimble, TMX-2050 Display
The Ag Leader InCommand Display topped the list in the categories of ease of use, overall value and technical support, while the Climate FieldView Drive had the highest ranking for cost. The product with the most reviews in 2019 was the John Deere Greenstar 3 2630 display.
While in-cab displays dominated the list, Precision Ag Reviews includes more than 300 precision farming products in the areas of hardware, imagery, software and UAVs (drones).
Information is everywhere, but non-biased information is harder to find. Precision Ag Reviews was created and underwritten by the Ohio Soybean Council, and the soybean checkoff to provide a reliable, unbiased source of information about precision technology to U.S. farmers.
How can you submit a review?
  1. Visit
  2. Click “Write A Review”, which is located in the top right-hand corner
  3. Complete the short survey
  4. Click Submit!
All completed reviews are placed online for farmers to access when researching precision ag technology. You can see the collective average review—in addition to all individual reviews—along with comments from peers to aid in educated decisions on the best equipment for their operation.
For additional information about precision ag technology, the site hosts a weekly blog with news, information and tips on precision farming topics. You can also follow the site on Facebook and Twitter as well.
Take a tour of Precision Ag Reviews
*This data is based on reviews collected from January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019. Information currently reflected on the website includes data collected since then.

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