Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (ISAP) is thrilled to announce the release of the Cover Crop Seed Dealers Directory which shares contact information, geography of service, and a list of available conservation cropping services provided by cover crop seed dealers in Illinois. The directory was developed to assist farmers in identifying cover crop seed dealers in their proximity who can supply cover crop seed and provide other services to support a farmer’s transition to, or management of, a conservation cropping system. “Cover crops are one of the most effective tools to reduce erosion and build soil health,” stated Jim Isermann, ISAP’s Soil Health Specialist. “The dealer directory can help farmers find local sources of seed and is another way that ISAP is providing practical information to farmers.”  

The Cover Crop Seed Dealers Directory is presented in two versions, a printable PDF version and a searchable, filterable live version of the directory. The PDF version of this directory offers an easy to read overview of services and includes over 25 businesses spanning across Illinois and surrounding states. The live directory hosts a few more features that allow users to select specific counties or regions serviced by the business. Farmers just starting with cover crops are encouraged to use the dealer directory in combination with ISAP’s Cover Crop Incentives Directory.   

Businesses are also encouraged to add their information to the directory by completing the submission form. To provide the most up to date information for the directory, businesses can select from specific cover crop seed services such as cover crop seed sales, cover crop seed and practice selection (for those who offer technical assistance with cover crops), organic seed sales, and seed shipping. Businesses are also encouraged to select from an additional list of ten services to further showcase the suite of services offered. 

Both the cover crop dealer directory and cover crop incentive directory advance ISAP’s goal to improve soil health and water quality by providing information and education on conservation cropping systems.

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