ISA hosted its first regional ILSoyAdvisor Field Days this past summer. From August 4 – 6, we brought soybean experts to fields around the state to share the latest information, technology and tools that are producing higher yields and better profitability. Watch the video below to see how to get soybeans off to a good start, and view other presentations here.

Achieving the ultimate goal of 100 bu/ac soybeans is no simple feat. A few tips include minimizing stress on the plants, identifying the critical growing stages, and then supplying the plants with foliar products to optimize their growth during these time periods. Watch Jason Watson and Matt Newholm, sales and marketing development representatives at StollerUSA, to learn what else is important to be on track for growing 100 bu/ac soybeans.

Jason Watson joined StollerUSA in 2012 as a sales and marketing development representative after experiencing the difference Stoller® products were making with his own crops. He is also a managing partner of Watson and Sons, a family business producing food-grade corn, seed corn and soybeans.

Matt Newholm is a StollerUSA sales and marketing development representative covering Wisconsin and northern Illinois. He helps growers and retailers enhance crop production, while also operating his own small farming operation.

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