Fungicide resistance can be a major threat to soybean disease control, and this resistance can take hold quickly if fungicides and their applications are not properly managed.

In an attempt to help combat this ever-present issue, the United Soybean Board funded a grant to ‘sustain fungicide effectiveness through fungicide resistance education for growers and crop consultants.’

As part of the outreach efforts for this grant, the Plant Management Network and a team of researchers led by Carl Bradley, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology and Extension Specialist at the University of Illinois, produced the first in a series of three webcasts that will be promoted throughout this summer.

This first webcast, authored by Bradley, is titled “Principles of Fungicide Resistance: Focusing on Soybean and Corn Production”.

In his presentation, Bradley gives a case example of fungicide resistance through the frogeye leaf spot pathogen of soybean (Cercospora sojina) and offers actionable details on:

  • The different factors involved in fungicide resistance
  • How resistance may occur
  • Which characteristics of fungal plant pathogens and fungicides lead to greater risks of fungicide resistance
  • Practices that can be utilized to manage fungicide resistance

By the end of this talk, consultants, growers, and other practitioners will better understand the basic principles of fungicide resistance of soybean crops.

This presentation can be found in the Plant Management Network’s Focus on Soybean resource located at In addition, webcasts on a variety of other crops and topics can be found in PMN’s Education Center.

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