Protect Farmer Access to Pesticides

Pesticides and other crop protection tools are essential for sustaining agriculture. However, these vital resources are under threat by off-farm political interests. Join Illinois Soybean Growers in opposing the EPA Herbicide Strategy and sign the petition to protect these crucial tools for farmers.

By |October 11, 2023|

I Believe In the CCA Program

ISA Soy Envoy, Karen Corrigan, discusses various criticisms directed towards the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) program and highlights the importance of CCAs in the agronomy profession.

By |September 25, 2023|

Who Knows Your Rows?

Illinois Field & Bean Magazine recently had the privilege of conversing with the esteemed 2023 Soy Envoys, who graciously offered their expertise and insights for the upcoming season. As agricultural pioneers, their three invaluable tips hold the potential to illuminate the path for growers throughout the state.

By |June 15, 2023|

Hang in There

Kevin Nelson, an alumnus of ILSoyAdvisor's Soy Envoy program, shares his profound insights on the enduring drought challenges throughout the years. In his enlightening discourse, he emphasizes the transformative influence of traits on crops, revolutionizing their ability to thrive and endure even in the face of such trying circumstances.

By |June 14, 2023|
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