Weed Management: WSSA Survey Ranks Palmer Amaranth as the Most Troublesome Weed in the U.S.

It’s now official. A survey conducted by the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) has ranked Palmer amaranth, also known as Palmer pigweed, as the most troublesome weed in the U.S. Weeds in the Galium genus (cleavers, catchweed bedstraw and false cleavers) ranked as the most troublesome in Canada. “We certainly weren’t surprised to find Palmer amaranth at the top of the U.S. list,” says Lee Van Wychen, Ph.D., science policy director for WSSA. “This weed can have a devastating impact on crop yields. Its stems are tough enough to damage rugged farm equipment, and it is extremely prolific. A [...]

By |August 3, 2016|

Weed Management: Weed Scientists Uproot Common “Superweed” Myths

Today the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) issued a new fact sheet to uproot common misconceptions about “superweeds”– a catchall term used by many to describe weeds resistant to herbicides. The paper explores the truth behind two widespread fallacies. Fallacy 1: Superweeds are a product of rampant gene transfer from genetically modified field crops.  The truth:   WSSA scientists say gene transfer from some crops to certain weed species can happen, but it has not been a factor in the development of herbicide resistance across large acreages. The true culprit, they say, is overreliance on a single class of herbicides, resulting [...]

By |January 8, 2015|
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