Tom Hunt

Decision Making for Defoliating Insects in Soybean

Figure 1. Soybean defoliation from multiple pests. (Photo by Nathan Mueller) ‘Tis the season for soybean defoliation. With frequent rain comes lush vegetation, and with lush vegetation comes defoliators. This seems particularly true for lepidopterous defoliators (caterpillars). Whenever we have a wet year with lush vegetative growth, one or several species of caterpillars seems to thrive. No one specific species seems to stand out in Nebraska soybean yet, at least in the north; however, several species of caterpillar appear to be relatively abundant (e.g., woollybear caterpillar, thistle caterpillar, green cloverworm). We are beginning to receive reports of soybean defoliation [...]

By |August 3, 2015|
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