Sean Nettleton

Foliar Nutrition: Targeted or Blanket Applications?

Applying foliar nutrition products in-season to ensure your crop has the nutrition it needs to finish strong is nothing new! In fact, the Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® program has identified five PFR Proven™ foliar nutrition products for use in soybeans. If you are unfamiliar with the PFR Proven concept, it is any product or practice that has been tested in PFR and found to provide yield gains and average a positive return on investment (ROI) over a minimum of 3 years. While it may seem like an obvious choice to use these products on your farm, it may [...]

By |August 5, 2019|

Soybean Research Leads to Better Production Practices

As the 2016 crop season ends, now is the time to look back and note what worked and what didn’t. I have spoken with farmers throughout southern Illinois who achieved some of the best whole farm soybean yield averages they’ve ever seen. But even though there were record yields, I’ve received calls from farmers who know there is still room for improvement. Whether it’s because the new soybean yield record was set at 171 bu/acre this year, or that soybean yields have just been good, as an agronomist it’s exciting to see farmers already looking forward to taking soybean [...]

By |November 14, 2016|
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