Susan Fisk

Diagnostics: Understanding the Genetic Basis for Drought-Tolerant Soybeans

Recent research has found ways to produce soybean seeds that have improved yields under drought conditions. A group of researchers published their research in the November-December issue ofAgronomy Journal. The researchers were M. Jyostna Devi and Thomas Sinclair, North Carolina State University; Pengyin Chen, University of Arkansas; and Thomas Carter, Jr. USDA-ARS, Raleigh, NC. Soybean pods growing on a plant. Photo credit: Thomas Carter, USDA-ARS Soybeans are the third largest crop in the United States, after corn and wheat, and drought is one of the greatest threats to crop profitability. A limitation in developing soybean varieties with higher yields under drought [...]

By |February 4, 2015|
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