Suzanne Bissonnette

Plant And Soil Health: Fungi Overactive in the Field

Fungi have been very active this season in some soybean fields. Right now at the University of Illinois Plant Clinic we are seeing samples that are the result of a very wet season. All that rain couldn’t have made fungi more active! High on our  recent disease diagnosis list has been Pod and Stem Blight caused by the Diaporthe/Phomopsis complex. Did you know that you can look for infection by this disease well before harvest? Late July and early August are ideal for looking for the fruiting structure of Pod and Stem blight on the petioles of fallen soybean leaves. [...]

By |September 18, 2015|

Weeds: Is Your Waterhemp not Going Down?

The University of Illinois Plant Clinic is excited to be providing a new service to Illinois soybean growers.  The Clinic is now offering molecular screening of waterhemp populations for resistance to glyphosate and PPO inhibitor herbicides this growing season.  These protocols, developed by University of Illinois Weed Scientist Dr. Pat Tranel through support from the Illinois Soybean Association and DuPont Pioneer, are now being offered through the Plant Clinic.  The project has demonstrated the full gamut of planning, from problem definition to supported research to development of a commercial service.  Knowing if you face a resistance issue in your [...]

By |May 21, 2015|
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