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Nate Prater

The Key to Successful Weed Management: Multiple Effective Modes of Action

Caption: Pigweed-infested soybean field In the fight against resistant corn and soybean weeds, one of the best ways to combat herbicide resistance and maximize yield potential is to diversify your weed management program. Herbicide rotation alone is not enough to protect your yield potential against resistance. Weeds are constantly adapting and developing resistance to the most commonly used herbicides. Some of the most troublesome resistant weeds that have affected corn and soybeans in recent seasons are: Waterhemp: resistant to ALS inhibitors (Group 2), glyphosate (Group 9), PPO inhibitors (Group 14), HPPD inhibitors (Group 27) and photosystem II inhibitors (Group [...]

By |January 24, 2018|
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