Mike Probst

Operation Weed Eradication: Adopting a Zero-Tolerance Approach to Pigweeds

Since the beginning of agriculture, the battle between weeds and farmers has been constant as weeds continue to adapt to management practices in order to survive. The struggle continues today with waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, two pigweed species that have become especially problematic for Illinois soybean farmers due to their inherently competitive characteristics and evolved resistance to several classes of herbicides. To curb this threat, farmers need to adopt an integrated, zero-tolerance approach to pigweed management, which is the goal of BASF’s Operation Weed Eradication. Before developing a plan for controlling waterhemp and Palmer amaranth, it’s important to understand [...]

By |May 6, 2021|

Considerations When Selecting From 3 Different Soybean Herbicide Trait Platforms

As we move closer to the 2020 growing season, one key decision that Illinois growers are making is which soybean herbicide trait platform to use on their farm. In addition to non-GMO options, there are currently three primary systems from which to choose: LibertyLink® GT27, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and Enlist E3® soybeans. When used correctly, all of these platforms can lead to effective and successful weed control. However, they all come with unique considerations that must be kept in mind when planning a weed control program. Regardless of which trait platform is chosen, weed control should start with [...]

By |April 8, 2020|
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