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Original article posted on C.O.R.N. Newsletter. Saturated soils after soybean planting can cause uneven emergence and stand reductions of varying extent depending on the stage of the soybean plant and other environmental factors including temperature and duration of saturated conditions. Additionally, increased disease incidence may further reduce plant stand. Saturated Soil Prior to Germination: While soil moisture is necessary for germination, soybean seeds will not germinate when soils are saturated because oxygen is limiting. Saturated Soil During Germination: Saturated soils during soybean germination may cause uneven emergence. In a laboratory study, soybean germination was reduced by ~15% after only [...]

By |May 7, 2017|

Wet Weather: Flooding, Poor Nodulation, and Disease Concerns

The forecast for the coming week is for continued rain and in many cases this will fall on already saturated soils across the northern and west central part of the state. This is going to be tough on soybeans. Here is a guide to help differentiate among some key problems when these types of weather events occur. 1. Flooding: In fields that have had standing water for >48 hours, you’ll notice stunted soybeans and a smell as you approach the “drowned” out areas. When you dig the roots up, they may or may not be brown but the trick [...]

By |June 18, 2015|
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