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Successful Double Crop Soybean Programs Start With Selecting the Right Genetics

Successful double crop soybean programs start with selecting the right wheat genetics. Double cropping soybeans after wheat is a common rotation in Southern Illinois. Growers have the opportunity to maximize yield on both crops by paying attention to variety characteristics, planting date and endeavoring to plant both crops earlier. Maturity matters: The ideal double crop wheat / soybean rotation starts with a high yielding, early maturing wheat variety. This allows double crop soybeans to hit the sweet spot planting period for increased soybean yield potential. Both Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS) and other wheat seed companies have breeding programs developing [...]

By |October 24, 2017|

Managing Wheat Is the Start to Successful Double-Crop Soybeans

Selection of your wheat variety is the first step for increasing your double-crop soybean yield. It all begins with selecting ultra-early and early-maturity varieties that have proven yield, high test weight and resistant to Fusarium head blight. Limagrain Cereal Seed’s (LCS) selection for ultra-early varieties has given many farmers both the opportunity to grow high-yielding wheat followed by high-yielding soybeans. The harvest of ultra-early wheat varieties at 18% moisture can increase soybean yields dramatically since soybeans can be planted sooner. This also improves the odds for a timely rain on the newly planted double-crop soybeans, assisting rapid emergence and [...]

By |August 25, 2015|
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