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Key Considerations: Implementing AgTech On Your Farm

Transitioning to agtech on the farm continues to be a significant change. Farmers are now expected to do more - they must know the best ways to manage erosion, be a truck driver, manage the books, and add on IT. Each of these jobs alone could be a full-time job, but as times evolve, the need for technology becomes critical for any operation. Here are five practical considerations when looking to implement agtech on your farm: 1. Pay for the technology or service There are many free agtech opportunities but spending money on a service or technology can completely [...]

By |March 15, 2021|

All In On AgTech

It's 2021 and technology continues to surge. Ensuring we have an up-to-date understanding of how technology continually impacts our work and lives can be difficult to consistently adapt to and maintain. It is constantly evolving to the point that each day brings a new technological advancement. In the agriculture industry, a common theme is growing profitability and yields with the assistance of technology. When you combine that cutting edge technology with agriculture, you get AgTech. AgTech is one of the newest, fastest growing innovations within the industry. While it has been around for a few years, its ever-changing nature [...]

By |February 9, 2021|

Five Considerations a Certified Crop Advisor Will Tell You This Spring

Preparing for the next growing season begins far before a seed is put into the ground. Farmers must be vigilant in understanding the needs for their soil. Not only a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) but also CCA Soy Envoy, Jason Boehler is passionate about conversing with farmers about plans for the future. As he works to ensure that producers are ready to tackle the year ahead, he shares considerations a CCA will tell you for spring 2021. 1. Soil Testing and a Good Fertility Plan There are many aspects that are included in a successful fertility plan and 2021 [...]

By |January 27, 2021|
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