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Planting date for corn and soybeans in Illinois

This article originally appeared on theBulletin. Relatively dry weather in recent weeks throughout much of Illinois and an early start to fieldwork might provide the unusual opportunity this year of letting us choose corn and soybean planting dates instead of having to wait until it’s dry enough. There are reports that some corn and possibly some soybeans were planted as early as February this year. The main motivation for such plantings is often the excitement that comes (or doesn’t) from having the crop survive “against all odds.” While that may be satisfying, it doesn’t offer much profit potential. If [...]

By |April 8, 2017|

Agronomy: Growing Continuous Beans: Dos and Don’ts

With the low commodity prices and lower production costs with soybeans, growers may be inclined to plant some of their fields back to soybeans. While this should work okay, there are some dos and don’ts to this practice. Do expect a small amount of yield loss when soybeans follow soybeans: Continuous soybeans over the past 11 years averaged 95 percent as much as soybeans rotated with corn at the Monmouth site, where yields have averaged above 65 bushels per acre. At Perry, where soils are lighter and yields have averaged a little less than 50 bushels, continuous soybeans have [...]

By |January 7, 2016|

Diagnostics: Do Soybeans Need N Fertilizer?

This article originally appeared on University of Illinois’ the Bulletin and has been reposted with permission. There has been a great deal of interest in recent months in the idea of using nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season to increase soybean yields. This is somewhat surprising given that there has been so little evidence from published and unpublished reports showing that this practice increases yields, let alone provides a return on the cost of doing this. Soybean plants in virtually every Illinois field produce nodules when roots are infected by Bradyrhizobium bacteria, and bacteria growing inside these nodules are [...]

By |April 18, 2014|
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