Dallas Peterson

Weeds: Soil-Applied Residual Herbicide Options for Soybeans

There are many good reasons to use a soil-applied residual herbicide for soybeans. Producers may want to: Get early-season control of weeds and grasses to minimize early-season weed competition and provide more flexibility with postemergence treatment timing. Provide some residual weed control before and following the postemergence glyphosate. Provide some assistance to glyphosate in controlling certain hard-to-control or glyphosate-resistant weeds. Use a second herbicide mode of action to prevent or delay the development of glyphosate-resistant weeds. In developing an alternative to the exclusive use of postemergence glyphosate treatments on Roundup Ready soybeans, it is useful to know what weeds [...]

By |March 31, 2015|
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