Bradford Warner

For carbon and ESG markets, one thing is clear—it takes a village

Contributed by Bradford Warner Vice President of Sustainability & Business Development, Farmobile The increasingly frenetic and frequent conversations around carbon markets, water quality, regenerative ag, and sustainability have spawned more questions than answers. What Farmobile can definitively say is that carbon credit and environmental, social and governance (ESG) markets are not going away. A new market is popping up every week, every month. At the grower level, however, there are a lot of questions. Is this for me? What hoops will I have to jump through? What will I have to do to participate? Perhaps most importantly, is this [...]

By |October 28, 2021|

How To Evaluate A Field

I am sure most of our readers have been in a situation where they have called their seed rep or agronomist and told them that they’re concerned about seeds not coming up due to recent, challenging, environmental events. You may feel like they are trying to play a 100-question game with you, but in fact, they are trying to collect as much information as they can to help make the best recommendation they can. It’s often said that the famous last words of an agronomist are “it depends,” and how true this is. “Will my beans/corn live?” “It depends.” [...]

By |April 23, 2021|
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