Brian Gordon

Early Season Foliar Feeding of Soybeans

The use of foliar fertilizers has been steadily increasing in recent years. I believe this is due to the drive to reach higher yields by more efficiently managing soybeans. I’ve seen some positive results using a program that can also be incorporated in a post spray pass to increase early season growth and aid plant health. For example, the combination of a ZMB (zinc-manganese-boron) product such as Helena® Axilo® BMZ along with a PGR called Receptor® can stimulate early season growth and root development. The sooner a plant gets off to a good start, the better. It generally out-yields [...]

By |May 30, 2019|

Herbicide Planning for the Upcoming Season

When making production plans for this upcoming growing season, weed management should be at the forefront of your thoughts. In order to “start clean and stay clean” here are some important things to think about. What are your main weed problems? What are the life cycles of the problem weeds? What is the availability of equipment to ensure proper herbicide timing? What were the past herbicide programs and are there issues with herbicide resistance? What herbicide plan will you make for this season? First thing to think about is what your weed problems are. In my area the three [...]

By |April 26, 2019|

Got Hungry Soybeans?

With all the talk about how big soybean yields are getting, agronomists and growers still may wonder if those high yields could be masking hidden nutrient deficiencies that might result in leaving some additional potential out in the field. I spent this season exploring that question and was able to produce results and draw conclusions that I hope to replicate in fields next year. In my opinion, feeding soybeans begins at planting. I have seen some success in using a plant growth regulator (PGR) or biostimulant/fulvic acid product applied during the preplant herbicide application. I saw an increase in [...]

By |September 9, 2018|
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