Abigail Peterson

Agronomy Field Notes

Illinois Soybean Association Director of Agronomy, Abigail Peterson, shares photos and information from the field. Read more about field conditions, planting, and cover crop checks across the state of Illinois!

By |April 28, 2023|

Your Fields, Our Priority

Our team will be on the road across Illinois this growing season with regional data and to connect you with the right individuals to assist you on your farm.

By |February 24, 2023|

2021 Scouting Report

Early season April - June Although I would love to be everywhere at once, a lot of my scouting for the 2021 season has been focused throughout Illinois stretching from Princeton to Altamont. This season I was able to make a trip down to Carbondale and was able to see fields of double crop beans coming up July 9. And I always make a trip up north to my favorite fields in Stockton at least twice a year, once in April and again September. Cover crop mix, picture Dec. 16, 2020. Stockton, IL field day April 2, 2021 at [...]

By |August 23, 2021|

Late Applications of Foliar Fungicides

Even though the 2019 season got a late start and seemed to drag on forever, we’re reaching the point in the season where things are finally wrapping up. Planting is complete, weed control is near finished and fungicide applications are being made as we speak. Now is the time of year we sit back and hope for August rains to make our soybean crop. And, we’re done having to make decisions on this year’s crop … or are we? The likely answer for 2019 is “yes”, but in any given year are there additional management decisions that can be [...]

By |August 16, 2019|
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