In just a few weeks we’ll be gathering in Benton to participate in the ILSoyAdvisor Field day. I want to invite you to attend and hear some new ideas on increasing soybean production. Jeff Staley and I will be presenting on early seedling vigor and stand establishment. We will look at a number of biological and nutritional seed enhancements as well as in-furrow row-starters in different combinations.

Our main focus with these demonstrations will be to show how we can mitigate stress in the emerging crop. We know that each stress—from dropping the bag of seed too far, too wet and cold seed bed conditions to slower nutrient uptake—causes potential yield loss. Our aim is to eliminate as many stresses as is economically possible during the first 30 days of growth with an eye on environmental stewardship.

By using seed and in-furrow products as the carriers for crop protection and nutritionals we not only have the product where we need it most, but we also are able to use very low use rates. These factors help us protect the environment because we are only treating exactly where the seed is and not applying to every square foot of the field.

While Jeff and I will be representing Wabash Valley FS in Benton on August 6, our colleagues from Illini FS and Conserv FS will being giving similar presentations in Villa Grove on August 5 and Hinckley on August 4, respectively.

You will see many new and exciting concepts, not just from Jeff and me, but from other yield-boosting technologies in Benton. If you want to join the chase for that 100 bu. soybean yield this is your chance to learn a thing or two to try in 2016. Hope to see you on the 6th; just come with an open mind and a hunger to boost yield. You won’t be disappointed.

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