continued its winter webinar series on Wednesday, Jan. 21. In “Six Secrets of Soybean Success,” Fred Below, Ph.D., University of Illinois professor of plant physiology and crop sciences, shared updates from his 2014 field research results and practical advice for helping growers plan for 2015.

Watch the webinar below for tips on high-yielding soybeans and the results from Dr. Below’s soybean management trials.

Key Takeaways:

  • The average U.S. soybean yield is 45 bu/A, but the world record is 161 bu/A and Illinois recently set a record of 103.95 bu/A. With the right management practices, growers could make a big impact on their yields.
  • Important prerequisites for soybean success include proper drainage, weed control and soil pH.
  • There are six secrets growers can follow to improve soybean yield. These include:
    1. Weather – Growers can’t control weather, but it greatly impacts the growing season.
    2. Fertility
      • N: Soybeans need 4 – 5 lbs. of nitrogen for each bushel produced, and about half of that comes from nitrogen fixation.
      • K: A 60-bu soybean crop takes up 170 lbs. of potassium.
      • P: Phosphorous is the most limiting factor of soybean yields because few growers fertilize P before their soybean crop.
    3. Genetics/Variety— Soybean varieties are not equal. Choosing one variety over another can make an 11.5-bu difference.
    4. Foliar Protection— Most pods come from the middle of the plant and get their energy from the closest leaf.
    5. Seed Treatment— Untreated seeds don’t grow as well or as rapidly.
    6. Row Arrangement— 20-inch row spacing allows plant to intercept light faster without losing air movement.

Join us for the next webinar on Tuesday, February 17, when Howard Brown, manager of agronomy services with GROWMARK, Inc., will present research findings and answer grower questions. Register today.

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