Bill Simmons, Ph.D., professor emeritus of soil and water management at the University of Illinois, dives into fertilizer and manure calculations to help prepare those who are taking the CCA Certification Exam. Watch the webinar below to get a comprehensive review of key concepts that are likely to be covered on the test.

Key Takeaways:

  • Important areas to review include:
    • Knowing what steps to take when any of the nutrients in a soil test are below the critical value.
    • Converting one unit to another.
      • lbs/ac to kg/ha
    • Calculating the P2O5 and K2O that you will lose on a field based on expected yields for the next two years.
    • Working through manure calculations using the Phosphorous Index.
    • Reading a graph to determine how much nitrogen to apply in different situations.
  • Keep the 4Rs in mind throughout the test when considering a fertilizer program.
    • Right source
    • Right rate
    • Right timing
    • Right place

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