As temperatures rise and winter comes to a close, growers are beginning to make decisions for the next growing season. From variety selection to on-farm research, are you trying anything different in 2015?

Experts at the 2015 Soybean Summit in Peoria, Ill., presented their top advice for high-yielding soybeans, including planting decisions, management, weed control and more. Watch recordings of the presentations below for tips on producing high-yielding soybeans, and share your comments and questions below.

Breakout Session: Understanding and Implementing Variety Placement

By carefully placing soybean varieties for the right environment, growers can better maximize their genetic potential and obtain higher yields. Brian Fell, product agronomist with DuPont Pioneer, shares ideas to help growers unlock that genetic potential through variety selection, variety placement and a clear understanding of the environmental factors that impact variety performance.

Breakout Session: What On-Farm Research Has Taught Us about Producing High-Yield Soybeans

Producing high-yield soybean begins with picking the right genetics and using the right production practices and technologies. On-farm research helps growers test whether certain practices and technologies are working in the field and whether they’re profitable. Listen as Jason Webster, research director for Beck’s Hybrids, highlights the top things they’re learned from on-farm soybean trials.

Breakout Session: Become a Master Soybean Producer: The Habits of a High-Yield Soybean Grower

Improvements in soybean genetics, fertilizers, management and technologies are making for gains in soybean yields across the Midwest. Bob Beck, regional agronomist with WinField Solutions, shares a plan for high-yielding soybeans and discusses the details, including genetics, soil type, plant population, cropping systems, traits, plant nutrition and crop protection.

Breakout Session: Developing a Solid Agronomy Program for Your Soybeans that Leads to Success

John McGillicuddy, independent crop consultant, urges growers to not forget the basics. High-yield soybeans begin with the simple things that give growers the opportunity to maximize yields. In this presentation, McGillicuddy explains best practices for variety selection, planting date, row width, seeding rates, pH and nutrient management to maximize soybean growing potential.

For more management tips for high-yielding soybeans, watch the presentation from the Effingham Soy Summit.

Do you have any questions or management tips to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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