The March issue of Illinois Field & Bean focuses on weed and disease management — timely advice as the growing season gets underway. We recommend you read:

Watch for these Soybean Yield Robbers (Pg 5)
There’s plenty of opportunity from roots to canopy for soybeans to lose yield potential. Find out what the top 10 yield robbers are, along with some general estimates of possible loss.

What Bugs You? (Pg 6)
Illinois soybean farmers are sure to experience challenges with weeds, insects and diseases in 2015. Illinois Field & Bean alerts you to some of the pests you may encounter this season.

On-Farm Research has Real-World Applications (Pg 9)
Are on-farm trials worth the time and effort? Get the truth about on-farm research from farmers and input suppliers who have experimented with tailored best production practices.

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