The February issue of Illinois Field & Bean focuses on soil health and fertility — a topic that is always top of mind before the growing season.  Be sure and read:

Back to the Basics: Details Matter for Productive Soils (Page 5)

Illinois soils vary widely, which means farmers must figure out what works best in their own soils.  Some principles most farmers can apply — like start with soil tests and end with patience.

What’s in Manure? (Page 8)

Consider your options beyond commercial fertilizer.  Manure can be used to replenish soil micronutrients and increase organic matter.  What’s in that manure can vary by species, so find out more about the manure’s background and analysis prior to use.

Keep Phosphorus in the Soybean Yield Equation (Page 14)

Farmers looking to increase yield may want to evaluate how to manage phosphorus to ensure it’s available when soybeans need it.  You can boost profits and reduce off-site nutrient movement.

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