Learn the steps for starting a grain marketing plan that works. Learning to evaluate your farm’s marketing plan the same way an investor looks at an investment portfolio will allow you to remove the emotional roller coaster of market shifts and world influences. This webinar will help attendees identify their farm’s individual break-even points, costs of production, and typical production levels to ensure producers maximize the opportunities presented by the markets.

Presenter: Matt Bennett, Windsor, Illinois, farmer and Channel Seed grain marketing consultant

Matt Bennett is a Windsor, Illinois, farmer and former grain elevator owner. He is Channel Seed’s grain marketing consultant and holds a Series 3 brokerage license doing business through AgMarket.Net, Farm Division of JSA. Bennett brings the producer perspective to the table, enriched with his extensive grain marketing background. He specializes in formulating risk-management strategies for corn, soybean farmers and livestock producers.

This webinar is the second of three webinars focused on agribusiness management. To view the other AMP presentations click here.

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