Be open to try new things – never settle. That’s what 2022 Soy Envoy Weston Olson recommends to soybean growers. Olson, agronomist at BioLumic, brings us to his company’s field plot in Northern Illinois where they have a trial to explore ultraviolet seed treatment in soybeans to increase plant growth, vigor, and yields. In today’s video, he explains the goals of the UV seed treatment and why he enjoys being involved in trials on his family farm. 

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About the Author: Weston Olson

Olson of Peru Ill. is an agronomist with BioLumic, which treats soybean seeds with UV lights to increase yield and vigor performance. He specializes in treating seeds, maintaining field trials, advising his company on best agronomic practices, working closely with trial providers, and collecting vital data from field trials. He manages and runs a multi-generation farm in Bureau County, and holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy management from Illinois State University. The farm manages no-till planting and cover crops on limited acres. Over the past two years, their soybean yield has increased by 28 percent using up-to-date farm practices.

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