The University of Wisconsin is leading a regional planting date study. The goal is to compare the yield and profit for earlier planting dates. Earlier planting dates generally have higher yields than later planted soybean.
What is needed from collaborators?
  • Plant soybeans at two planting dates, using a similar plot layout shown below
  • Planting dates: Last week of April or as soon as conditions allow and two to three weeks later
  • Harvest the plot using a well calibrated yield monitor
  • Provide the data and management information to us
Geographic area of interest
  • Looking specifically for fields shown in the shaded areas below.
  • Fields can be in Wis., Ill. Iowa or Minn.
Please download and save the attachment describing the project or click here. For more information contact:
Shawn P. Conley, Soybean and Wheat Extension Specialist
Phone 608-800-7056
John M. Gaska, Senior Research Agronomist
Phone 608-220-2693

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