Research Pest Management

Documenting the Extent of Resistance to Group 15 Herbicides in Illinois Waterhemp Populations

To better understand the frequency of resistance to Group 15 herbicides, this project will collect and screen waterhemp populations from Illinois soybean fields. Results will be used to provide farmers with recommendations on how best to incorporate these herbicides into integrated weed management programs. Resistant populations will be used in subsequent research to identify the gene(s) conferring the metabolism-based resistance. Learn More

By |December 18, 2023|

Assessing Insect Pest Effects on Yield and ROI of Pest Control Inputs

This multi-year project aims to identify the insect pests affecting Illinois soybean crops, their impact on soybean yield and the return on investment of control mechanisms. It will help determine threshold levels for insect pests responsible for reducing grain quality and yield, as well as develop integrated pest management recommendations. Learn More

By |December 14, 2023|

Soybean Stem Pests: Survey, Impact and Education

Continuing work already underway across Illinois’ soybean fields, this project aims to identify new and emerging stem diseases and insect pests that negatively impact soybean production and yield. It will assess management practices and help prioritize future research to determine best management practices. Learn More

By |December 12, 2023|
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