Documenting Group 15

How this research benefits the farmer

Understanding the presence of Group 15-resistant waterhemp will give farmers, their advisors and Extension the ability to refine integrated weed management recommendations to help slow resistance development in more waterhemp populations. After gaining a better understanding of how extensive Group 15 resistance is in Illinois waterhemp populations, researchers intend to conduct a genome-wide association study to identify the gene(s) responsible for Group 15 resistance. This data could lead to rapid molecular assays for future resistance diagnosis.

By |December 12, 2023|

Why this research is important

Waterhemp populations in Illinois have evolved resistance to herbicides from more site-of-action-groups than any other weed species. The confirmation of resistance to Group 15 herbicides in 2019 makes managing this weed one of the most daunting challengesIllinois soybean farmers face. Noticing potential resistance to this group of chemistry is more difficult because they are residual herbicides, and resistance could exhibit as shorter length of control rather than lack of control common with other classes of chemistry. In addition, fields can contain waterhemp populations resistant to multiple herbicide groups, with some plants carrying genes resistant to more than one herbicide [...]

By |December 12, 2023|
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