Join the Illinois Soybean Association Agronomy Team to learn about the latest research in soybean agronomy at the Farm Progress Show!

Visit interactive stations throughout the plots to learn about:

1. Serious About SCN – Yield loss from Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) is about 30% and it is one of the hardest issues to detect in a soybean field. Learn how to manage and protect the soybean crop and how Illinois Soybean Association is funding research to enhance detection tools.

2. Let’s Get Physical (Soil) – Understanding the physical properties of soil is crucial for migrating risk on your operation. Learn about the physical characteristics of soil and how to adopt sustainable management practices to improve soil health.

3. Scouting Soy (IPM) – Soybean scouting involves regularly monitoring soybean fields to identify and assess the presence of pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and other potential issues. Learn more about implementing appropriate management strategies and research funded from the Illinois Soybean Association.

4. In the Weeds – One of the primary challenges faced in soybean production is weed management. Learn about different approaches in Integrated Weed Management that can minimize the impact on the environment while effectively controlling weeds in soybean production.

Visit the Cover Crop Plot and see different varieties of cover crops in action and learn how to implement cover crop management in fields.

ISA Agronomy Plot entrance is located at E. Iowa Progress St. and NW Progress Ave.

High school students and kids are welcome to explore and learn through activities and games — we’ll have some special swag, just for them!

Admission to the Farm Progress Show is $20 for adults ($15 advanced).  Student tickets (ages 13-17) sold at the gate for $10 and age 12 and under are free. Visit to learn more.