When I’m successful both in and out of the field, my business thrives. While improving on-farm practices helps me achieve high yield acres, that’s not the only way I can increase profitability. My business succeeds when I commit to continual learning.

That’s true for all growers. When we make smart decisions, whether that’s adopting new technology or reading up on management tips, we accelerate success. But I realize that our marketplace is always evolving. It can be difficult enough to stay on top of changing production practices, let alone best practices for business.

To help growers like you and me become the most knowledgeable, sustainable and profitable producers in the marketplace, Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) started the Agribusiness Management Program (AMP). Funded by the Illinois soybean checkoff, this new program provides growers with tools and knowledge that create long-term success.

From partnering with leading Illinois and Midwest experts to providing business expertise tailored for busy farm families, AMP delivers financial, marketing and business management training and education directly to farmers. The program partners with Illinois Farm Business Farm Management Association to provide enhanced management practices including record keeping, business planning and tax management.

So, why AMP? It’s simple; growers in our state continue to harvest the largest soybean crop in the nation, making it critical to provide education opportunities that help our producers thrive. ISA is committed to supporting producers and AMP compliments our state’s high-level soybean production by delivering top-notch insights to fill knowledge gaps.

The program offers online and in-person education and training including webinars, workshops, seminars, short videos and statewide events. Topics range from strategic farm and financial management to succession planning, accounting, farm labor management, taxes and tax law support, agtech adoption strategies and so much more.

If you need to find me, I’ll probably be shouting about AMP from the rooftops. This program is designed to help growers remain on the forefront of shifting marketplace demands, and that’s something I’m excited about. Through engagement with AMP, growers can better navigate risk and overcome complex challenges.

With AMP, producers can position themselves as the strategic CEOs of their farms. It’s more than a title, though. AMP is providing the knowledge and know-how to support sound decision-making on the farm and gives producers the confidence to effectively lead.

The next AMP learning opportunity is a webinar, “Grain Marketing 101”, on March 24 from 10 to 11 a.m. CDT.  Matt Bennett, Illinois farmer and Channel Seed grain marketing consultant, will cover evaluating farm marketing plans and identifying break-even points, costs of production and typical production levels to help producers maximize opportunities presented by markets. Register for the webinar here.

Can’t make it to the webinar? Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of opportunities for you to learn. The 2020 Soybean Summit sponsored by ISA will included a special AMP track for business insights. You can view those presentations online or in our Soybean Summit recap. Visit ILSoyAdvisor.com for upcoming AMP webinars and save the date for an AMP event on July 16 in Champaign, Illinois.

To learn more about AMP, visit ilsoy.org.

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About the Author: Doug Schroeder

Doug Schroeder is chairman for the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA), a district director and member of the ISA Marketing Committee. He raises seed corn and soybeans near Mahomet, Ill. Schroeder is a graduate of the University of Illinois and Illinois Ag Leadership program and was an American Soybean Association DuPont Young Leader.