Are you or is someone you know considering a career in crop sciences?

The ag industry is full of career opportunities. From researchers and engineers to sales and PR representatives, if you have a love of crop sciences, we have the job for you. Just look at the many job prospects that could be within your reach:

Agriculture Career Profiles

Explore more than 50 careers in crop sciences. Each profile begins with real life testimonials from people on the job, then moves on to more general information such as the type of degree and experience required as well as job prospects and salary ranges. Popular crop science fields include: entomologist, plant scientist/field agronomist, plant breeder, soil scientist and researcher.

“Much of the progress made in the soybean industry during the past 100 years has been the direct result of research. Public universities and private agricultural companies will continue to rely on the very best research scientists,” says Don Guinnip, soybean farmer from Marshall, Ill., and chairman of the ISA Production Committee. “ISA hopes to encourage the entry of young people into ag-related disciplines which will result in employment in ag research and development.”

Listen to what previous ISA scholarship winners are saying:

“Just as ISA fosters the research, development and promotion of soybeans, it also strives to foster development of a new generation of crop scientists through scholarships.  As a crop science major, I am truly honored to be a recipient.  Soybeans are a major source of income for Illinois grain farms, and soybeans play an integral role in America's status as an agricultural global leader.  I urge all crop science majors to apply for the scholarship so our generation can work together to make the future of soybeans even brighter.” - Tyler Barringer – U of I

“Being awarded this scholarship was an honor.  I would recommend to anyone with an interest in crop science to apply because it helps put you closer to your goals.  I work with soybeans now at a company research facility, and am majoring in ag science.  After I graduate, I plan on going into a career where I can do crop research.” - Allison Thornton – WIU

Apply for a $4,000 Crop Sciences Scholarship from ISA

ISA, with funding from the soybean checkoff, is investing in the future of agriculture. Offering up to 10 scholarships worth $4,000 each for the 2018-19 school year, we encourage crop science majors entering their junior year to apply. Studies must be completed at one of Illinois' four ag universities:

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, all applicants must be students beginning their junior year or transfer students enrolling in one of the participating schools as a junior. Students interested in applying for the scholarship must plan to follow an agricultural course of study with a major in crop production or a crop science discipline -- including breeding, biotechnology, plant pathology, weed management or crop management -- with an emphasis on soybeans. Awarding of scholarships will be based on exceptional academic ability, leadership and financial need, and the individuals who receive the scholarships also will be encouraged to find on-campus employment in soybean research, attend graduate school and choose a career in soybean research.

How to Apply

Guidelines, applications and an activities template are available at, beginning December 1, 2017, through the application deadline, February 1, 2018. We have also supplied you with a list of FAQs.

Want to Learn More?

Take a look at how past participants have benefited from the ISA crop sciences scholarship by doing the following:


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Many of our scholarship winners attended an ISA Research Tour. Take a look as students from ISU SIUC U of I
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Please direct any questions to the program administrator at the IAA Foundation, by calling (309) 557-2230 or emailing