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Illinois Soybean Growers Stress Need for Trade Not Aid

August 27, 2018


Illinois Soybean Growers Stress Need for Trade Not Aid

BLOOMINGTON, ILL. – August 27, 2018 – In response to the USDA $12 billion agricultural aid package, Doug Schroeder, Illinois Soybean Growers vice chairman and a soybean farmer from Mahomet, Illinois, released the following statement:

“As soybean producers head into harvest, we need access to markets from trade deals and a stable Farm Bill, not short-term aid packages. In recent years, more than half of our soybeans have been exported with the majority going to China. More U.S. soy gets exported to China than all other American agricultural products combined. Market access and trade certainty support our families, our businesses and our communities. Short-term aid does not create long-term market stability. Producers need trade, not aid.”

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