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Yield potential is never as high as the day your soybeans are planted. Thanks to the advances of modern soybean genetics, soybeans now come packed with greater yield potential and built-in resistance to herbicides, diseases and pests than ever before.
While the drought of 2012 may not be top-of-mind as you head into 2014, don’t overlook the impact it may have on your 2014 soybean crop.
Corn and soybeans have long been the bread and butter of Midwestern agriculture, yet it seems soybeans still finish second. Illinois growers can raise the soybean status quo, and raise bottom lines. Here are five reasons why it’s time for soybeans to shine:
Some years are hot and dry. Some years are cold and wet. Freezes can be too late in the spring or too early in the fall.
Remember the old adage, “Begin with the end in mind?” It’s a great way to approach the planning of a crop year, so take a minute to think forward to December 2014.
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