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How much attention do you pay to producing soybeans on your farm each season? Do you have a plan that you follow to make sure you have optimized your soybean production practices? Or do you just repeat what you did last year?
Cold weather and late winter storms have kept many farmers out of the field later than usual this spring.
Weed control isn’t as easy as it used to be. With the influx of genetic traits, trait stacking and multiple modes of action—not to mention sites of action—keeping weeds under control is no small task.
Last month’s ILSoyAdvisor “Quick Poll” asked about your soybean planting intentions for 2014. We’ve tallied the votes, and results reflect recent estimates from the USDA: more soybeans this year.
Soil is like an engine, helping to drive higher yields and profits. And the investments in making that engine run—seed, fertility, crop protection—aren’t small. It pays to keep that engine operating at peak performance—to occasionally look under the hood—and evaluate the overall health of the soils you farm.
Seed treatments offer a host of benefits for getting soybeans off to a strong start. They help preserve the yield potential of your soybean crop by promoting germination and protecting young seedlings from diseases, fungus and insects.