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Frequently Asked Questions

Growers can enter the Yield Challenge on their own or with a sponsor.

All growers across Illinois’ four regions can participate in the Yield Challenge—100-Bushel Challenge, Region Contest, Double-Crop Competition or Side-by-Side Plots. Manufacturers, input suppliers and retailers are encouraged to sponsor and assist growers in the Challenge. Promoters can include agronomists, ag retailers, distributors or manufacturers. Promoters often recruit growers to test either a single product or combination of products. We encourage growers to reach out to agronomists and crop advisers to try new practices.

Yes. High school FFA chapters, 4-H clubs or college ag clubs can enter any category in the Yield Challenge competition. They can compete for the same awards within their region, and the same rules apply.

Entrants can recruit a third party to verify harvest area and the yield in a weigh wagon or on a commercial scale. The third party must be someone from the University of Illinois Extension, Illinois Farm Bureau, an independent agronomist, FFA chapter advisor, 4-H club leader or college club advisor, ag lender or someone else who is not a family person, employee or promoter involved in the project. The Yield Challenge Coordinator or ISA’s Director of Strategic Research will validate the verifier you select and record the name and title.

In the Side-By-Side and Region Contest, yield can be weighed with a weigh wagon, farm or commercial scale. Grain moisture must be measured with a hand-held meter (average of three samples) or at an elevator scale. In the 100-Bushel Challenge, grain must be weighed across a certified scale, and the scale ticket must accompany the harvest form.

There is no cost to enter.

The Yield Challenge is FREE, so find some land and sign on up!

No early entry is required in 2018 and a single harvest form must be submitted by November 15, 2018. However, if you are contemplating entering please complete the interest form online.

Entry information, yield totals and other production data must be submitted via the appropriate Harvest Entry Form. It must also be verified and signed by an approved third party. Download and complete the appropriate harvest form(s) online by November 15, 2018. All forms must be submitted electronically. Please scan and email forms to yieldchallenge@ilsoy.org.

You will receive an email confirmation that the forms were received. Keep the original form for your records.

Winners will be announced by December 20, 2018. Winners will be recognized and presented their awards at an Awards Banquet in January 2019, the evening before the annual Soybean Summit.

November 15, 2018 – Harvest Entry Form Submission Deadline December 20, 2018 – Yield Challenge Winners Announced January 2019 – Yield Challenge Awards Banquet - official date TBD