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About The Yield Challenge

Interested in testing new practices and comparing how they perform against other fields? Looking to break yield barriers and push pods to their full potential? The ISA Yield Challenge is the opportunity to experiment with on-farm trials, discover what works best on your soil and compete with your peers in Illinois, all for a chance at cash rewards and bragging rights come harvest.
    2018 Yield Challenge Winners
    The 2018 soybean season was one for the record books, as was the Yield Challenge Contest with 14 entrees breaking 100 bu/A. The Yield Challenge encourages growers in the pursuit of continuous improvement, for both local communities and a growing world population.
    2017 Yield Challenge Winners
    Several soybean growers topped 90 bu/A in the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) checkoff program’s annual Yield Challenge competition. Now in its seventh year, the Yield Challenge offers farmers four ways to compete—the 100-Bushel Challenge, the Crop District Shootout, Double-Crop challenge and the Side-by-Side Sponsor Plots.
    2016 Yield Challenge Winners
    As production and crop technology innovations continue to grow, farmers are evaluating not only their yields, but their crop strategies to increase yields. Several growers achieved more than 90 bu/A in this year’s annual Yield Challenge competition.
    2015 Yield Challenge Winners
    Illinois soybean farmers participating in the 2015 Yield Challenge’s three shootout competitions racked up some impressive numbers this year. Fifteen participants were recognized for having the highest yields in their respective crop districts.
    2014 Yield Challenge Winners
    The 2014 Illinois Soybean Association Yield Challenge produced the first independently verified 100-plus bushel-per-acre yield in Illinois. This milestone, along with the many achievements highlighted in the Yield Challenge, grew from producers’ desire and willingness to challenge the norms. This year 76 farmers participated in the challenge, and 25 of them joined the 100-Bushel Challenge.

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The Illinois Soybean Association Yield Challenge began in 2010 with side-by-side plot comparisons. The 100-Bushel Challenge was added in 2014, the District Shootout was added in 2015 and the Double-Crop contest was added in 2017. New in 2018, the Yield Challenge transitioned from 9 Districts to 4 Regions. In the years the program has existed, numerous growers have reached the century mark in their fields, and more than 1,000 growers have participated. The purpose of the program is to discover and encourage the use of new management practices to help increase yield and profit.