PODCAST: Soycoaster - 2019 Growing Season

CCA Soy Envoy, Jason Carr discusses the roller coaster that is the 2019 soybean growing season. From decisions made at planting time to what we are seeing in the fields now, Carr looks at how different decisions and forces were in play to affect yield potential this year. He also looks ahead to how the 2020 growing season may be impacted by 2019.

Jason Carr

Currently a technology development representative with Bayer Crop Science, Carr leads agronomic research projects with corn and soybeans focused on creating tailored solutions for growers. Prior to his current role, he spent a decade in soybean breeding with Monsanto as part of a team developing numerous commercially successful varieties in RM groups 2 and 3. Carr holds a master’s in molecular genetics and a bachelor’s in natural resources and environmental sciences from the University of Illinois. He can be reached at



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