PODCAST: High-Yielding Soybean Fertility Programs

CCA Soy Envoy, Jason Haegele, joins the show to discuss the components of a high-yielding soybean fertility program. We also discuss application timing and nutrient amounts to help soybean growers make the most of their crops this growing season.

Jason Haegele

Jason Haegele is the region agronomist for WinField United in Illinois and leads WinField United’s agronomy services team for the eastern United States. Employed by WinField United for four years, Haegele was previously a research scientist with DuPont Pioneer for two years. Haegele holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy and ag engineering from Iowa State University, a master’s in crop production and physiology also from Iowa State, and a Ph.D. in crop sciences from the University of Illinois.



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