Cash Market Fundamentals

This unit defines basis, futures spreads, and the factors that influence each. Basis trends over time, normal basis patterns, and separating basis and futures marketing decisions are also discussed.

Cash Market Fundamentals Session 2

This unit builds on the case for seeking cash marketing opportunities by discussing returns to storage.  Capturing market carry, rolling sales forward, and calculating returns to storage are discussed in detail. 


Marketing Plan Risk Assessment

This unit discusses the case for using a marketing plan and how to use it as a decision-making framework. Describing how to develop a marketing plan, what it should include, and how to implement it is also included. Examples of best practices in crop marketing and successful marketing decision making are included.

Hedging Strategies Session 1

This unit introduces hedging as a concept for managing price risk, by defining it and showing how the math behind it works. Describing when and why it makes sense to hedge, as well as clarifying common terminology are also discussed.

Hedging Strategies Session 2

This unit builds on the hedging framework by introducing hedging with options. Definitions and common terminology, a comparison of different option strategies, and different order placements are included. 

Hedging Strategies Session 3

This unit discusses various outcomes to an options hedging decision.  Which way the market moves, how much time is left, and the valuation changes in the option all prompt different decisions.

Hedging Strategies Session 4

This unit discusses the use of more advanced option strategies, such as strangles, straddles, and collars.  When to use these advanced strategies and how elevators often use and price these strategies into the contracts they offer are also discussed.