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2018 Illinois Soybean Yield Challenge Winners Announced; 100-Bushel Yields Continue

December 19, 2018

In its eighth year, 66 entries were considered for the top honors in four different contests.

WEBINAR: The Amazing 2018 Soybean Season: Lessons for 2019

December 18, 2018

Farm Management

The 2018 soybean crop got off to a slow start due to winter like conditions in April, but once the crop was up and running it turned into one of the best soybean seasons we've had in Illinois, with a predicted record yield of 66 bushels per acre.

WEBINAR: Improved Seed Treatment Stewardship Through Innovation

January 17, 2019

Farm Management, Insect Management

In 2018, nearly 89 million acres each of corn and soybean were planted across the United States. The seed treatment products available for growers to use to protect these crops from damaging diseases, insects, and nematodes represent valuable tools during planting season.

WEBINAR: Creating a System for Soybean Yield Success

February 22, 2019

Farm Management

Over the past several years we’ve seen a consistent trend of increasing soybean yields in Illinois. While admittedly there can be a lot of frustrations in soybean management, there are also several strategies that have emerged to increase the likelihood of soybean success, year in and year out.

WEBINAR: Importance of Aggregation for Soil Health

March 13, 2019

Soil Health and Quality

In this webinar we will go in-depth and learn more about how aggregates are an important part of a healthy soil. We’ll start with the basics of how aggregates form, what stabilizes them and how they naturally turnover with time.

WEBINAR: Explaining the 100-Bushel Yield Gap

November 28, 2018

Farm Management

A few growers have broken 100-bushel soybean yields and the world record is 171 bushels. Yet for many growers, field yields remain in the 50 to 75-bushel range. So, what are the limiting factors why U.S. and Illinois yields are often below contest winners?

Illinois Soybean Association Names Yield Challenge Coordinator

September 01, 2018


Bob Wells has been announced as the Illinois Soybean Association’s (ISA) new Yield Challenge coordinator, effective Sept. 1.

Mark Your Calendars: Double-Cropping Field Days

July 19, 2018

ILSoyAdvisor Events

Attend an August field day to learn about new opportunities to double-crop soybeans.

Calculator Helps Prioritize Road and Bridge Projects

June 22, 2018


When municipalities are tasked with determining which road and bridge improvement projects should take precedence, it can be a challenge to prioritize. That was the case in Peoria County, where officials looked at 12 projects to consider repair or replacement.

Farming with Ephemeral Gullies: Fix It, Don’t Disk It!

June 20, 2018


“Ephemeral gullies” are small channels that are formed in natural, concentrated water flow areas. They are generally shallow, yet visible, and are normally easily filled in by annual tillage. They will typically re-develop again in the same location after additional runoff events and continue to erode valuable topsoil.