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New Year Resolutions to Improve Soybeans

December 29, 2018

Farm Management

Have you listed your resolutions to improve soybean productivity and profitability in 2019?

Planning for Soil Health in 2019

December 09, 2018

Soil Health and Quality

What are you doing to improve soil health on your farm today?

Should You Feed Soybeans Amino Acid Supplements?

November 23, 2018

Nutrient Management

Many of us take vitamins, minerals and amino acid supplements to ensure good health, but is that a missing element in soybean management?

Maturity Group Considerations for Double-Crop Soybeans

November 13, 2018


Planting double-crop wheat followed by soybeans means selecting the right maturity for each crop.

Test Weight Matters in 2019

November 09, 2018

Farm Management

Is test weight in soybeans a consideration for the 2018 soybean harvest?

Fall Tillage Considerations

October 14, 2018

Soil Health and Quality

If you decide to work the soil, have a good reason, use the right tool and operate it under the right conditions

New Insights into Nitrogen Fixation

October 04, 2018

Nutrient Management

Do opportunities exist to improve nitrogen fixation and yield in soybeans?

Post Season Soybean Evaluation

October 03, 2018

Harvest Strategies

When it comes to producing high-yield soybeans, knowing the details counts.

Dust - A Soy-Based Talc, Graphite Replacement

September 30, 2018


Soy-based product now available that replaces talc or graphite as a fluency agent.

Sampling SCN Population in the Fall

September 10, 2018

Disease Management

Harvest is prime time to check soybean cyst nematode (SCN) populations as fields come out of soybeans.