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Plant and Soil Health: Phosphorus Management Webinar Series

August 29, 2016

1 CEU in Nutrient Management

In March 2016, ISA organized a Phosphorus Management Webinar Series.

Agronomy: Webinar: Strategies for Finishing Out the Soybean Season

August 13, 2016

1 CEU in Crop Management

Mike Wilson, Soy CCA Envoy from Southeast Illinois, explains why managing soybeans through Labor Day can lead help increase yield and ultimately improve growers’ bottom lines.

Disease Management: Webinar: Managing Soybean Diseases

July 08, 2016

1 CEU in Integrated Pest Management

Stephanie Porter, Soy CCA Envoy from West Central Illinois and Sales Agronomist with Burrus® Hybrids, reviews the most prevalent soybean diseases, all of which have the potential to lower yields.

Agronomy: Maximize Yield and Profits through Soybean Seeding Rate Webinar

May 06, 2016

For soybean growers facing high seed costs and low commodity prices, any insights into reaching optimal seeding rates and planting times can help raise profit margins.

Plant and Soil Health: Webinar: Should Manure be Part of your Crop Production?

May 03, 2016

1 CEU in Nutrient Management

Applying manure can be a beneficial practice that increases organic matter and adds nutrients to the soil, but there are various factors to be mindful of as well.

Agronomy: Webinar: IFCA Video - Phosphorus Runoff Study

April 18, 2016

1 CEU in Soil and Water Management

The Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association's Annual Convention took place from January 19-21 in Peoria.

Agronomy: WEBINAR: Soybean Profitability Under Low Commodity Prices

April 18, 2016

1 CEU in Crop Management

In the current low-price environment, it is becoming increasingly important for farmers to take steps to ensure they are profitable this growing season and in the years ahead.