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WEBINAR: The Amazing 2018 Soybean Season: Lessons for 2019

December 18, 2018

1 CEU in Crop Management

The 2018 soybean crop got off to a slow start due to winter like conditions in April, but once the crop was up and running it turned into one of the best soybean seasons we've had in Illinois, with a predicted record yield of 66 bushels per acre.

WEBINAR: Improved Seed Treatment Stewardship Through Innovation

January 17, 2019

1 CEU in Integrated Pest Management

In 2018, nearly 89 million acres each of corn and soybean were planted across the United States. The seed treatment products available for growers to use to protect these crops from damaging diseases, insects, and nematodes represent valuable tools during planting season.

WEBINAR: Explaining the 100-Bushel Yield Gap

November 28, 2018

1 CEU in Crop Management

A few growers have broken 100-bushel soybean yields and the world record is 171 bushels. Yet for many growers, field yields remain in the 50 to 75-bushel range. So, what are the limiting factors why U.S. and Illinois yields are often below contest winners?

WEBINAR: Nitrogen Management Systems in Tile Drained Fields: Optimizing Yields and Minimizing Losses

August 21, 2018

1 CEU in Soil and Water Management

Lowell Gentry will demonstrate annual nutrient losses from tile drained agricultural watersheds in east central Illinois and will focus on a replicated tile drainage study under a corn/soybean rotation.

WEBINAR: Soil Organic Matter-A Fulcrum With Many Forms And Functions

July 16, 2018

1 CEU in Nutrient Management

Joel Gruver from Western Illinois University explains how soil organic matter helps improve soil productivity and health as part of the ILSoyAdvisor webinar series.

WEBINAR: Cover Crops Role in Soil Health Webinar

April 26, 2018

1 CEU in Soil and Water Management

Scott Wohltman from La Crosse Seeds explains the role that cover crops play in soil health. He will also discuss how growers can integrate cover crops into their operation.

WEBINAR: The Bigger Picture – Analyzing Aerial Imagery

April 26, 2018

1 CEU in Crop Management

Greg Rose, co-founder and vice president of product at IntelinAir, and Ivan Dozier, M.S., senior agronomist, IntelinAir, explore the past, present and future of aerial imagery for agriculture.