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WEBINAR: Soil Health Tests - What, Why and How?

December 09, 2021

1 CEU in Soil and Water Management

Soil health tests are a big conversation topic these days, but there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Presented by Stacy Zuber, Ph.D., State Soil Health Specialist with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, this webinar discusses how soil health tests differ from measuring soil fertility, sampling and handling procedures and how to interpret your results.

WEBINAR: Deferred Taxes: Your Balance Sheet May Not Be What You Think

August 19, 2021

1 CEU in

This webinar will provide details on the importance of identifying and calculating your operation’s deferred tax liability and how that can affect your current and future strategic farm management decisions.

WEBINAR: Understanding Biologicals For Improved Soybean Management

July 22, 2021

1 CEU in Crop Management

This webinar will highlight how biological products are categorized, current research and what other management practices help achieve the full economic benefit of biologicals.

WEBINAR: The Urgency of Estate Planning Today: How to Capture Available Benefits Before They’re Gone

June 16, 2021

1 CEU in

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at your estate plan, or if you need to establish one, there’s no better—or more pressing—time than now. This webinar will provide insights on the importance of estate and tax strategy right now, highlights surrounding the latest predictions and expectations, as well as ways to position your plan to capture the greatest benefits.

WEBINAR: Fungicide Applications to Mitigate Soybean Stress

May 27, 2021

1 CEU in Crop Management

One important component of a successful high-yielding soybean management program is to understand when and how to apply fungicides, as well as which products to use. This webinar will provide an in-depth explanation about how timely fungicide applications can be leveraged to mitigate soybean stress.

WEBINAR: The SOY FACTORY - Managing the System for Maximum Output

March 18, 2021

1 CEU in Crop Management

This webinar will take a deeper dive into how a soybean plant works and functions, which leads to a better understanding of how to manage to the pain points of a soybean plant. Looking at a soybean plant as a factory will show that how it’s managed directly impacts the output.

WEBINAR: Managing Cover Crops for a Modern Production System

January 14, 2021

1 CEU in Soil and Water Management

This webinar will explore the overall value of utilizing cover crops in modern production systems.