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Wheat planting is around the corner so it’s time to begin thinking about double-crop soybean plans for 2016!

With wheat planting around the corner now is the time to begin thinking about your double-crop soybean plans. I know, you are thinking, “That is over a year away! Why worry about that now with everyone else I have to do this fall?” Well, because everything we do, from wheat planting on, will have a potential impact on our double...

Make sure to analyze this year’s variety performance before making next season’s variety decision.

Soybeans are turning and drying down, combines are running, and you can’t turn back the clock on what you got. However, you can use the information from this year’s soybean crop to select the right soybean varieties and improve on next year’s outcome.

Today growers are being asked to make next year’s variety decision sooner than...