Recent webinars about Soil and Water Management

Soil health tests are a big conversation topic these days, but there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. This webinar will discuss the different soil health tests and indicators available, how to decide which ones you should use, sampling and handling procedures, how they differ from soil fertility...
This webinar will explore the overall value of utilizing cover crops in modern production systems.
A regenerative systems approach will utilize integrated, dynamic principles to synergize biologically-based practices to address fertility, pest and disease issues in corn and soybean production.
Understanding and practicing good soil health improves soil quality and productivity, is better for the environment and can lead to more sustainable crop productivity.
In this webinar we will go in-depth and learn more about how aggregates are an important part of a healthy soil. We’ll start with the basics of how aggregates form, what stabilizes them and how they naturally turnover with time.
Lowell Gentry will demonstrate annual nutrient losses from tile drained agricultural watersheds in east central Illinois and will focus on a replicated tile drainage study under a corn/soybean rotation.