Recent webinars about Crop Management

Dr. Fred Below discusses years of research on “The Six Secrets of Soybean Success," a concept for producing high-yield soybeans which he evaluated each year from 2012 to 2016.
Favorable weather, strong genetics and good on-farm management all contributed to the successful soybean crop in 2016, with record yields in many areas throughout the state.
Mike Wilson, Soy CCA Envoy from Southeast Illinois, explains why managing soybeans through Labor Day can lead help increase yield and ultimately improve growers’ bottom lines.
In the current low-price environment, it is becoming increasingly important for farmers to take steps to ensure they are profitable this growing season and in the years ahead.
Emerson Nafziger, Ph.D., professor of crop sciences and extension agronomist at the University of Illinois, highlights the weather patterns that producers saw throughout Illinois and the corresponding effect it had on plant growth and yield.